Smart Time Mobile App

Using Smart Time Mobile on a smartphone, timekeepers can view their time entry calendar, view all current and past entries, and enter and submit time entries from anywhere. The mobile edition includes calendar, time entry, real time client matter lists and reporting.

Home screen

Calendar shows the totals for time entries for each day: saved entries, released entries, and posted entries.

Statistics shows a summary of hours for the current month as well as billable and non-billable hours for month and year to date.

Add an entry

From the Home screen, do one of the following:

  • Tap add_entry.png on the title bar.
  • Tap the Time Entry tab.
  • Tap a date on the calendar. If the day already has entries you will see them loaded on the Stack screen. Tap add_entry.png on the Stack screen title bar.

On the Time Entry screen, the Client and Matter fields offer pull-down lists of recently-used items, or you can use the search option to find an item.

Add details for the entry at the bottom of the screen. Text shortcuts that you have set up in the desktop version can be used here.


  • IMPORTANT! Use the function bar options to save or release your entry before returning to the Home tab or it will be cleared from the stack on your next search.
  • Missing information is marked with an missing_info.png when you save an entry. The entry cannot be released until this information is completed.

Use the timer

You can start the timer for an entry with only date information, but it is advisable to fill in as much information as possible for better recall.

  • Tap timer_start.png on the Time Entry screen Hours field, then tap timer_go.png to start the timer.
  • timer_pause.png pauses the timer, timer_clear.png clears it (zeroes out the hours).


  • You can leave the Time Entry screen while the timer is running or paused without interrupting it. The timer can always be found in the stack.
  • If you re-load the stack from the Home screen, the entry is cleared.
  • After the entry is saved, you can edit the time to correct it or add more time.

View existing entries

From the Home screen:

  • To see entries for a day, tap a date on the calendar.
  • To see all saved (not yet released) entries, tap the saved entries saved_entries.png button.

The entries will load to the Stack screen. A status icon indicates if the entry is saved saved_entry.png or released released_entry.png.

You can also tap the Stack tab to see currently-loaded entries. Those that display timer_enty_flag.png are active timer entries that have not yet been saved.

To view entries sorted by date or by client name use the tabs at the top.

Modify an entry

Tap the entry in the Stack screen to open it in the Time Entry screen. A status icon indicates if the entry is new unsaved_entry.png (unsaved), saved saved_entry.png or released released_entry.png.

  • You can edit the entry, save it or release it. (To edit a released entry, you must first unrelease it using the option on the function bar.)
  • For timer entries you can start the timer to add more time, clear it, or save the entry with the current elapsed time. You can edit the Hours once the entry is saved.

 To release all the displayed saved entries:

  • On the Stack screen, tap Mass Release.


  • Timer entries must be saved before they can be released.
  • Incomplete entries will not be released.

Duplicate an entry

On the Time Entry screen:

  • Tap duplicate_entry.png on the title bar. A new entry will be started with the same information that you can edit as needed.

Remove or delete an entry

On the Time Entry screen tap either:

  • Remove - temporarily eliminates the entry from the Stack screen. The entry will re-appear the next time you re-load the stack from the Home screen.
  • Delete - marks the entry as deleted in the Smart Time database.


On the Stack screen, tap Journal Report to receive an email with a report of the listed entries.


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