Time Entry: Print or Export Reports

The output button on the grid view function bar lets you print the grid, export it to a spreadsheet, or create a PDF report in Journal, Timesheet or Hours format.

Hint: For printing, adjust the view as you want it to appear in your printed output using the search, filter and grouping options. Note that for other outputs, these options are ignored and all items in the view are included.

  • Choose the desired output in the pull-down, then click the button to create it:

Print All displays a dialog so you can choose the printer and print options you want to use.

Excel generates a spreadsheet that automatically downloads to your system. The spreadsheet includes functions for sorting and filtering items.

Timesheet, Journal and Hours create PDF reports that are automatically downloaded to your system. The Timesheet includes additional space for your own notes.

Hint: you can also use the My Settings > Reports tab options to automatically send a report by email to specific recipients at the end of each day.


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