Time Entry: Remove or Delete Items

You can Remove or Delete items in grid view.

Remove temporarily eliminates an item from the grid view, but it is not deleted in the database. A removed item will be included in the Dashboard calendars and panels, and will be displayed again the next time you view the grid.

Delete marks the item as deleted in the database, and it will not be included in the grid view or in the Dashboard calendars or panels from this point forward.
  You can undo a delete using the User Tools - Deletes function.
  You can also delete an entry in the Time Entry panel.)

To Remove or Delete item(s):

  • In the grid view, click the checkbox for one or more items, or click the checkbox on the header to select all displayed items.

Hint: using the Filter function can make it easier to select a specific class of items. For example, use a filter on the Client column to see only the items for a specific client.

  • Choose Remove or Delete in the Action pull-down menu.

* Note: the ability to restore deleted items depends on your firm's archiving policy. See User Tools - Deletes for more information.


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