Client Matter Shortcuts

Client Matter shortcuts are only available for Time Entry.

User Tools > Client Matter Shortcuts

Important: When you adjust your settings on these tabs, you must click Save All to retain the new settings.

You can define a list of shortcuts for Client/Matter combinations that you frequently use for time entries. When you type a shortcut in the Time Entry panel's Client field, the entry will automatically be assigned the associated Client and Matter. Note that shortcuts are case-sensitive, and must be preceded by "/" when entering them in the field.

To see the Client Matter Shortcuts list:

  • Click User Tools > Client Matter Shortcuts.

Hint: to create a "cheat sheet" of shortcuts, click Export to Excel.

To add a new shortcut:

  • Click + Add Row.
  • Enter the shortcut text, and choose its associated Client and Matter.
  • Click Save Changes to save the new shortcut.

When you type this text in the Client or Matter field in the Time Entry panel the Event will assume these settings. Note that shortcuts are not case-sensitive and must be preceded by "/".

Hint: click popup.png next to the Client field in the Time Entry panel to see a list of shortcuts.

To modify or delete an existing shortcut:

  • To find a shortcut, enter text in the Search field to filter the list. To see all shortcuts again, delete the text.
  • Edit the Shortcut text or select a different Client or Matter.
    Click - Delete at the end of the shortcut's row.
  • Click Save Changes to save the updated Shortcuts list.


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