Time Entry: Grid View - Basics

The grid view displays the list of items based on your selection in the Dashboard calendars or Dashboard panels, and can be further refined using the Search, Filter, Grouping or date functions on the function bar.

You can see the grid view with items for the current date at any time by clicking Entry > Time Entry on the main Smart Time menu.

When you click an item in the Grid it is loaded into the Entry panel. (Use Settings to turn the panel on/off, click grid_entry_panel_sizer.png at the left side of the grid to show or hide it and adjust its width.)

Grid Columns

The checkboxcheckbox.pngis used for selecting items that you want to change (Save, Release, Remove, Delete) or merge.

Date Time shows when the item occurred. Time entries with no assigned time are displayed in the Work Week or Week calendar as All-Day entries.

Type displays an icon that indicates the source and data connector for captured events.

  • For emails, appointments and internet browsing events, click the icon to see a detailed event summary.

Hint: You can enable or disable the use of individual connectors on the User Tools > My Settings > Data Connectors tab.

Event Title provides a short description of the item, helpful for aiding in recall.

Client and Matter are pre-filled with content for captured events already learned or cross-referenced in the relationship engine.

Hours shows the duration in decimal format, rounded up to your firm's matter billing increment.

Status indicates whether this time entry or captured event is new, saved, released or posted.

Narrative shows the additional details you entered for the item.

Hint: you can sort rows in the grid by clicking on any column heading. (The grid Settings determine whether Client and Matter are sorted by ID or name.)

Customize the View

You can customize this view using the Columns and Settings buttons at the top of the grid.

  • Click columns.pngColumns to choose which columns you want to display.
  • You can change the order of the columns by dragging the column titles.
  • Click columns.pngColumns > Reset Columns to return to the default settings.
  • Click Settings to control display of the Time Entry panel, how to sort the rows in the grid (by Client or Matter ID number or Name), and how to display the Status.

You can adjust the number of items to view per page in the navigation bar at the bottom of the grid.


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