Time Entry: User Dashboard - Calendars

On the User Dashboard, the current calendar timeframe is shown at upper-left along with buttons and a date chooser for navigating through the calendar.

  • Use the buttons at upper-right to switch the view of the calendar between Month and Work Week or Week. Each view lets you access different functions.

Month Calendar

On the calendar, you will see three numbers that represent the saved, released and posted hours for that date.

To see the grid view which lists all existing time entries and captured events for that day:

  • Click on a date's shaded header.

To load all time entries for a day into the Time Entry panel:

  • Click within the body of a date cell. See Time Entry Panel for additional information on creating or modifying time entries.

Work Week / Week Calendar

The Work Week (Mon-Fri) or Week (Sun-Sat) calendar view shows a timeline for each day of the week including the saved, released and posted time entries for each day. Time entries that have not been assigned a time are displayed as all-day entries at the top of each day.

To create a new time entry:

  • Highlight the range of time on the grid. Right-click, and then click New to open the Time Entry panel where you can enter the details. See Time Entry Panel for additional information on creating time entries.

To modify an existing time entry:

  • Click the time entry to open it in the Time Entry panel. (Only Saved entries can be changed). See Time Entry Panel for additional information on modifying entries.

To duplicate a time entry:

  • Right-click the source entry and then click Copy.
  • Click an empty cell in the view and click Paste. The new entry will open in the Time Entry panel.

Time Gap Analysis

To perform time Gap Analysis so you can fill in empty time in the calendar:

  • Switch to the Work Week or Week calendar view.
  • Highlight an empty range in a day, right-click and then click Gap Analysis.

The grid view will display all captured events that occurred during that time. Use the grid view's Time Entry panel to update, Save or Release events and fill in the empty time on the calendar.


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