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Important: When you adjust your settings on these tabs, you must click Save All to retain the new settings.

The Time Capture engine will only watch your browser activity for web sites on this list. Other browser activity is ignored. You can add or remove sites from this list.

To add an entry to the list:

  • Click +Add Row.
  • For Application, enter browser.
  • For Title, enter the site's title. This will usually be displayed when you view the site in a browser as the browser tab name.
  • For Description, enter the text you want to use as the description for matching events.

To modify an entry:

  • Select the entry and update the information.

To remove an entry from the list:

  • Click -Delete for the entry you want to remove from the list.
    The Time Capture engine will stop monitoring activity for the site.

Only User entries can be modified or deleted. System entries cannot be changed.


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