Edit Relationships

User Tools > Edit Relationships

Important: When you adjust your settings on these tabs, you must click Save All to retain the new settings.

You can create, modify or delete Learned and Blocked relationships on this screen.

  • Learn will automatically associate the client or matter for events that match the data in the grid view Events lists.
  • Block will prevent events that match the data from appearing in the grid view events list.

The changes you make will be reflected in your events lists immediately.

To add a new relationship:

  • Click + Add Row.
    • Enter the Learned Data and select the associated Client and Matter.
  • Click Learn or Block.

To modify a relationship:

  • Select the relationship and modify its settings.
  • Click Learn or Block to update the relationship. You can change a learned relationship to blocked and vice-versa.

Hint: you can also modify relationships in the Time Capture Grid View or Time Entry Grid View.

To delete a relationship:

  • Select the relationship and click Delete.

If the relationship was learned, matching events will no longer automatically assume a Client and Matter. If the relationship was blocking, matching events will now show in your events lists.


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