Text Shortcuts

Text shortcuts are only available for Time Entry.

User Tools > Text Shortcuts

Important: When you adjust your settings on these tabs, you must click Save All to retain the new settings.

You can define a list of shortcuts for terms that you frequently use in the narrative field for time entries. When you type a shortcut in the Time Entry panel, the text will automatically expand when you exit the field. Note that shortcuts are case-sensitive, and must be preceded by "/" when entering them in the field.

For example:

/Mw = Meeting with

/tcw = telephone conversation with

To see the Text Shortcuts list:

  • Click User Tools > Text Shortcuts.

The Type column shows whether these are shortcuts you created or system shortcuts (standard shortcuts defined by your system administrator). You cannot modify or delete system shortcuts.

Hint: to create a "cheat sheet" of shortcuts, click Export to Excel.

To add a new shortcut:

  • Click + Add Row.
  • Enter the shortcut text, and the text that you want the shortcut to expand to.
  • Click Save Changes to save the new shortcut.

When you type this text in the Time Entry panel narrative field it will automatically expand. Note that shortcuts must be preceded by "/" and they are case-sensitive.

If an identical System Text Shortcut exists, your Text Shortcut will take precedence.

Hint: click popup.png next to the narrative field in the Time Entry panel to see a list of shortcuts.

To modify or delete an existing shortcut:

  • To find a shortcut, enter text in the Search field to filter the list. To see all shortcuts again, delete the text.
  • Edit the Shortcut or Text Expansion
    Click - Delete at the end of the shortcut's row.
  • Click Save Changes to save the updated Shortcuts list.


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