Time Entry: Grid View - Add or Modify Items

You can add new time entries or modify existing items in grid view.

To add a new time entry:

  • Click +Add Row to open a new entry in the Time Entry panel.
  • The new time entry will appear in the grid with the new.png entry icon in the Type column.
  • You can enter the item details directly in the Grid view: Choose the Client and Matter and enter the number of hours.
  • See Time Entry Panel for information on how to enter the item's data and narrative there.

To modify an item:

  • Select an item. (Note that you can modify only New or Saved items.)
  • You can modify the item's data in the grid or in the Time Entry panel.
  • See Time Entry Panel for information on how to modify and item's data there.

Hint: You can revert items from Released to Saved if you need to modify them further. Posted items cannot be reverted or modified.

To Save or Release one or more items:

  • Select the checkboxes for the item(s) in the grid, then use the action button to Save or Release them.

Merge time entries

You can combine time entries into a single entry to consolidate their hours.

To merge two or more time entries:

  • In the grid, select the entry that you want to merge the other entries into. This is called the anchor entry. If this entry has a Client and Matter assigned, merged entries must either have the same Client and Matter assigned, or have no Client and Matter assigned.
  • Select the checkboxes for the other entries you want to merge into the anchor entry.
  • In the actions button pull-down, click Merge.
  • The Type icon changes to indicate that this is a merged entry. merge.png  The Title displays the titles of all the merged entries.


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