Time Entry: Grid View - Find, Filter and Group

The date, search and filter functions are useful for showing only a subset of entries and events; other items are hidden. Only visible items are included when you Print the grid.

Use the date functions on the top function bar to see items based on their dates:

  • Select a timeframe in the pull-down, or use the Search option to specify a range of dates and (optionally) specific client/matter,
  • Use the integrated calendar to choose a date.

Use Search to find one or more items within the current set:

  • Enter a word or phrase in the text Search box on the top function bar. Only items whose information matches your entry will be displayed.
  • When a search is active, the Search box will contain text.
  • To see all items again, clear the Search box.

Use Filter to show only time entries and events that match certain criteria:

  • Click the filter icon filter.png on the column header, choose the criteria and then click Filter. You can apply multiple filters.
  • When a filter is active, the filter icon is shaded. filter_active.png
  • To remove the filter to see all items again, click the active filter icon, then click Clear.

Hint: you can also use the Remove function to temporarily hide items.

The Grouping function reorganizes the items in the grid. Grouping is shown when you Print the grid.

To group items in the grid:

  • Drag one or more column headers to the grouping bar above the grid header row.
  • Changing the order in the grouping bar will automatically change the grouping in the grid.
  • To disable grouping, click "x" next to the grouping category on the grouping bar.

Hint: You can use a combination of the date, search, filter and grouping functions to more easily see a specific set of items. To quickly reset these functions and see all the items, click Dashboard to close the grid view and then re-open it from the Dashboard.


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