User Tools > Deletes

Important: When you adjust your settings on these tabs, you must click Save All to retain the new settings.

This option displays the list of deleted items and lets you restore (un-delete) them. You can reorganize the columns in this view by dragging the column headers.

Note: the length of time that deleted items are retained depends on your firm's archiving policy.

To restore deleted items:

  • In the Deletes list, click the checkboxes to select the deleted items you want to restore.
  • Click - Delete.

Use Search to find one or more deleted items:

  • Enter a word or phrase in the Search box. Only deleted items whose description matches your entry will be displayed.
  • When a Search is active, the Search box will contain text.
  • To see all deleted items again, clear the Search box.

Use filters to see only deleted items that match certain criteria:

  • Click the filter iconfilter.png on the column header, choose the criteria and then click Filter. You can apply multiple filters.
  • When a filter is active, the filter icon is shaded.filter_active.png
  • To remove the filter to see all deleted items again click the active filter icon, then click Clear.


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