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User Tools > My Settings

Important: When you adjust your settings on these tabs, you must click Save All to retain the new settings.

The General tab lets you:

  • Indicate that you are a timekeeper. Do not check this option if you are acting on behalf of another user. (See Permissions tab, below.)
  • Enable or disable the use of relationships. If this option is disabled, all items are shown without regard to their Learn or Block settings. See Learning and Blocking for more information.
  • Automatically capitalize the first letter of text shortcuts.
  • Choose the time threshold for phone calls. Calls shorter than this limit are ignored.

The Data Connectors tab lets you choose which connectors to use.

  • Disabling a connector will eliminate those types of captured events from the grid view.

The Email Control tab lets you choose how your emails are processed by the Time Capture engine.

  • Search All My Folders instructs the engine to capture email in all folders when it is enabled. To include only specific folders, disable this option, and then select the folders you want to include from the folders list that appears.
  • Consolidate Email Threads combines an email and its related replies into a single event.
  • Include Unread Emails indicates that these messages should be captured as events. If you tend to leave messages that you ignore in your folders, you should disable this option.

The Permissions tab lets you select the other users who can view, edit and enter items on your behalf.

  • Enter text in the Search box to find specific users.
  • Choose Show Permission to see only the users who have permission to act for you.

To work on behalf of another user:

  • Select their name from the User pull-down on the main Smart Time function bar. The users shown here have given you permission to work on their behalf.

The Reports tab lets the recipients you specify automatically receive a Journal or Timesheet that is generated at the end of each day. The two reports are identical, except that the Timesheet includes room for additional notes.

  • Report lets you choose the type of report and its format.
  • Sort determines the order of items in the report.
  • Font lets you choose the text size for the report content.
  • Email lets you enter the email addresses for the report recipients.
  • Zone indicates the time zone you are working in. The report will end at midnight of each day.


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